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About Impuls

Impuls gathers and disseminates research knowledge on populations and subpopulations of people in society who have multiple, complex problems, as well as on processes of social exclusion and social participation.


Impuls plays a pivotal role in two academic collaborative centres that work in the social domain. Nearly 25 organisations take part in the centres, which also maintain strong liaisons with local authorities and with a range of experiential experts in the community. The interchange between practice-based knowledge, systematic research knowledge and public policy within the collaborative centres gives a powerful impulse to professionalisation and quality improvement in health and social care. It thereby helps improve the quality of life of vulnerable people.


Impuls collaborates with practitioners and other professionals in the field to develop and test appropriate, recovery-oriented interventions to foster social participation by people with multiple, complex problems.


Impuls has developed a range of instruments, including Tax-Su and CQI-O, for the quality improvement and evaluation of community support to people with multiple, complex problems.


Impuls has created a training infrastructure known as the Impuls Academie to support the effective application of social care methodologies (Krachtwerk, Critical Time Intervention and Housing First) and instruments (Tax-Su, CQI-O).


Impuls has quality frameworks available for assessing the model fidelity of Krachtwerk, CTI and Housing First. On request, Impuls can conduct audits in organisations to test the model fidelity of those interventions.


Impuls contributes to the development and exchange of knowledge by providing reports, publications, PhD supervision and presentations at Dutch and international conferences. Impuls also organises its own seminars and conferences.


Contact Impuls:

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